✨WELECJA: the Magic of Mingling ✨

Problem: Weekly meetup on zoom wasn’t social at all

Solution: Mingling on Knit

This case was the perfect experiment to test Knit. We found a group that met on Zoom, then moved to Knit. They meet in the same group, weekday, time, have the same format, and discuss similar topics every week. 

Due to Covid-19, their meetings were organized on  Zoom. Later, the events were moved to Knit.

ON ZOOM: It was difficult for most guests to interact with each other. The meetings ended 20 minutes after the presentation.  Offline, the socializing would last for 3-4 hours. 

ON KNIT: the sessions lasted for 4 hours with everyone involved, just as before Covid-19. The interaction was organic and spontaneous.

What happened? Mingling happened.

The magic of mingling is that once you want to move onto another conversation, you can. On Knit, you can just click another circle to join a new group at the event. The small group sizes allow for everyone to be actively involved. Guests can have meaningful conversations with anyone they want, plus they can see where everybody else is. The way Knit works is intuitive and will contribute to more engaging meetings.