📍15×4: Being where you want to be🌎

Problem: Parallel sessions

Solution: Knit with Event Hub

15×4 is a series of non-commercial science communication events happening in different countries around the world. Their annual Nobel Prize discussion took place on Knit.

Questions with such events:

How do we organize worldwide events in one place?

How can people intervene between events?

How can people experience every event without any complication?


Using Knit’s virtual place where it allows people to have parallel sessions. Knit enabled parallel streams and networking sessions with 275 viewers from 7 countries. 

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Each meeting features four 15-minute presentations followed by Q&A sessions and discussions. With this setup, guests could enter multiple presentations via only one space. Knit has enabled guests to be where they want to be. 


  • The event hub gave all guests an easy reference point.
  • Guests were able to move seamlessly between the stage and the networking elements.
  • No installation was required
  • Sessions were automatically recorded, creating a library of content for the 15×4 community.
  • Made the event more interactive thereby facilitating access to scientific knowledge
  • Helped to create organic engagement between guests