People Behind Knit

Konrad Urban


Hello! My name is Konrad. I know how important events are for communities. Throughout my journey of organizing 100+ events, I realized that the real magic does not happen on stage but around the stage. Let’s bring that magic to online events!

Orest tarasiuk


Hey! This is Orest. My background in tech combined with my interest in psychology allows me to build spaces where people can come together to have meaningful conversations and connections. Let’s rethink online gatherings from the participant’s perspective.

Erica Baatarbold

Community Manager

Hi! I’m Erica. Through my experiences with social events and volunteering, I have found that human connection pushes businesses forward. This is the era when we can network and find like-minded people right from our couch at home. Let’s take advantage of this! 

Knit's Advisers

Robin Dunbar

Experimental Psychology, Oxford University
Known for Dunbar’s number

Robin helps us with social dynamics. In fact, his research on conversational size was a direct inspiration for Knit’s basic functionalities.

Frank McAndrew

Psychology of Awkwardness,
Knox College

Frank helps us with social dynamics and making everyone comfortable during events. He is a specialist in the psychology of awkwardness!

Dankrad Feist

Co-Founder Cara Care,
Ethereum Foundation

Dankrad provides the valuable external perspective combined with strategic business experience ensuring that Knit develops into a sustainable business.

Sab Caziuc

Growth Consultant

Hey, I’m Sab! My background is in B2B SaaS where I’ve secured most of the new clients by attending 50+ events worldwide. I learned that the biggest benefit of an event is connecting with people – that’s how I joined Knit! Let’s help your guests network like in the real world!


Arts & Creativity, Media & Entertainment
(Knit, previously Mingle Video)

Engagement During Online Events
(Knit, previously Mingle)