Hi! My name is Konrad. The internet allows us to create a more global community. We make virtual networking as easy as walking to the pub, creating a more connected world - one virtual handshake at a time.

KONWENT POLONIA – Too many guests? No problem!

Konwent Polonia founded in 1828, is the oldest Polish academic corporation and organizes large offline pro bono events. They include seminars and lectures by popular academics, followed by informal discussions amongst participants. Because of the Covid-19 pandemic, they decided to organize their events online. Challenge: No expertise with virtual events Solution: Knit’s acted as an …

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CDTM – How to socialize during a summit?

The Center for Digital Technology and Management (CDTM) hosts an Alumni Summit every year to bring together students and alumni. The event’s rich agenda includes workshops, talks, startup pitches, and networking. Covid-19 force-moved the summit online. The technical know-how of the CDTM staff enabled it to quickly provide a custom high-quality streaming setup for talks …

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3+4≠7. Maximizing Your Meetings. For conversations, 3+4 is not equal 7. This is because active conversations can’t have more than you and four other people. When you have a roundtable of twenty, only four others will actively exchange in one coherent dialogue at a given time. Everyone else will wait for their turn. Usually, with …

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Remote Workers Day

Remote Workers Day Labor day is a great day to think about the well-being of workers. More and more companies switch to remote work due to the pandemic. This has great implications for the social well-being of teams. On one hand, by switching to WFH, we save hours of commute time and have more flexibility …

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A Psychologist’s 4 Tips for Great First Impressions in Video Calls

Body language is at least just as important in video calls as it is in real life. Psychologists have studied this for years. Let’s see what they say about video calls. BACKGROUND Let’s start with the obvious one. Make sure to have a tidy background. For professional settings, we do not recommend virtual backgrounds as …

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