CDTM – How to socialize during a summit?

The Center for Digital Technology and Management (CDTM) hosts its Alumni Summit to bring together students and alumni. The event’s rich agenda includes workshops, talks, startup pitches, and networking.

Covid-19 moved the summit online. The technical know-how of the CDTM staff enabled it to quickly provide a high-quality streaming setup for talks and panels. 

Challenge 1: Organic networking

Solution: Knit networking spaces

Despite the great high-definition streaming, there was no way for guests to interact with another except for the chat. The networking and socializing elements that had always created the lively atmosphere of the offline event were still missing. 

The event included 4 networking sessions interwoven in-between the talks and workshops, and an open-ended, informal networking afterparty. Despite the preceding 7-hour marathon of fixed agenda items, this informal, unstructured socializing lasted for another 1.5 hours, proving that Knit provided a hospitable atmosphere that encouraged meaningful conversations and led to establishing truly lasting connections between the students and alumni.

Challenge 2: Complicated agenda

Solutions: Integrate Knit seamlessly

Another challenge was the complexity of the agenda (13 class reunions, 10 pitches, 10 workshops, and a panel discussion). This required very clear waypoints. Knit seamlessly integrated the other agenda elements on the main event page. Knit achieved this by closely integrating with a custom Event Hub with the overall agenda which was designed by CDTM and prompting guests to proceed to their next session when needed.

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