How to organize a virtual Christmas party for your office?

It is that time of the year when everyone gets excited just by hearing a fat old man in red making the signature “HO HO HO” sound. Yes, it is Christmas…. But this year has it’s special Grinch – Covid. Here are some ideas, where you can throw your company a creative virtual party without making someone or yourself the future Scrooge. 

Organizing a party takes courage since you have to make sure everyone’s having a great time, but organizing a party virtually might make you feel even more overwhelmed. But it does not have to be. These are the simple things you need to make your workers feel not only that they are together but also their company cares about them. Here we go.

First of all, let’s start with food and drinks: Since most of your workers are scattered around the world, providing food and drinks can be complicated. It can be solved by sending them coupons for food delivery (UberEats, your favorite pizza place, etc.) 

Fun games to make the party enjoyable:


Ever mimicked Jack Frost, elves, Rudolph, or even Krampus? This year, your and your office buddies can challenge yourselves with Mimic- acting and Creativity-racing. You don’t need an expensive camera or microphone for this.


If acting is not for everyone, then switch it with Pictionary. So you can draw it on any program(even on good old Paint) and still try to guess a Xmas movie for example.

I will give you an example with emojis (you can use emojis too in the chat room). 

1. Guess what movie this is!

2. Or songs. Guess the song!

3. Or animations. Guess the animation!

It’s the most wonderful “RAP” of the year

You heard me right. Who can rhyme Christmas rap the best and say the coolest, frostiest “Mic-drop”? You can be as artistic and inventive as you want. May the rap-angel be with you. 

Bring entertainment to the party

  1. Bring a local comedian 

The point of the party is to make your workers more relaxed and comfortable. Who can make this happen faster than the professionals? It is the main part of the job of a comedian. 

  1. Winter talent show

Call Adam who plays guitar, call Eve who can sing, it is an easy way to make people more engaged in the party. Don’t forget to talk to them before-hand. 😉

Virtual meetings allow you to be close to the people you care about. Just because you are on the north pole and they at the south, west, east pole during this time, doesn’t mean your holiday spirits have to be distant. Virtual event platforms will allow you to be present with people with easy tools. You can break into rooms and jump into another group just like you do in real life in-person parties. It’s an awesome way to make connections and have fun. Party as you like this Christmas.