KONWENT POLONIA – Too many guests? No problem!

Konwent Polonia founded in 1828, is the oldest Polish academic corporation and organizes large offline pro bono events. They include seminars and lectures by popular academics, followed by informal discussions amongst participants. Because of the Covid-19 pandemic, they decided to organize their events online.

Challenge: No expertise with virtual events

Solution: Knit’s acted as an agency 

For their first event, they expected 100 participants and planned to use Zoom. However, it turned out to be very popular with 1300 registrees! Overwhelmed by this response, Konwent Polonia sought a different solution and got in touch with Knit. Specifically, it was important that the event:

  • Is well-aligned with their reputation for previous professional, high-caliber offline events
  • Allows participants to get to know members of the organization
  • Gives exposure to their pro bono activities

The team behind Knit has led the entire internal organizational process from creating registration funnels to coaching the speakers before the event. 

  • Registration funnels setup
  • Reminder email setup
  • Speaker onboarding 
  • Coaching sessions for the moderators 
  • Sponsorship placements
  • Marketing consulting

Holistically guiding Konwent Polonia through every step of the event and acting as an Agency was Knit’s response to the last-minute need for managing an event on such a scale. Knit was able to co-organize a very successful one-day event with 4 hours of talks and networking sessions.