LISA: Social innovation

Networking is as important as the talks for events. LISA took advantage of both when moving to virtual.

LISA’s (run by Stanford Graduate Business School) series on SOCIAL ENTREPRENEURSHIP AND INNOVATION was led by female founders with the aim of facilitating a better network amongst female leaders.

Problem: Networking is crucial for LISA 

Solution: Talk (Zoom) + Networking on Knit

LISA’s one of the main focuses is allowing its participants to collaborate and network with their community. However, the PodiumX series is a curated speaker centered series. 

Hence, despite the great topics and innovative ideas, the networking and socializing elements were still missing offline. 

LISA team has arranged an opportunity for all of you to have a networking lounge to help you connect with other global founders like yourself…stay as much as you like and engage in some enriching conversations. Let’s make our last talk a little bit more engaging than usual.” 

Deepti Pahwa, Founding partner of LISA

The result – an inspiring and motivating event with lots of new connections, for example, Konrad (co-founder of Knit) also joined and accidentally bumped into an old friend from an economics conference in 2015. They reconnected later.