How I landed a new role – opportunities at online events during the lockdown

Once upon a time, before the pandemic started, there was a young and energetic social animal who just loved people, being around them and connecting with them.

We were all minding our lives, travelling, meeting new people, establishing relationships and making things happen.

Life was good. Until it wasn’t anymore 🦠 😷

Business and travel got paralysed and the entire world moved online. And it was at one of the Nerd9 online events where I heard Konrad presenting Knit

So what’s Knit? Imagine going to a networking event or social gathering, walking with a glass of wine from one corner of the room to another and interacting with different small groups. A nice way of connecting with people and starting partnerships. That’s Knit, just online. 

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I decided right away to throw my lockdown birthday party on Knit 🥳

Luckily for me, I used it for free as a beta tester – I was the first user outside their friends and family! 

I was worried about designing a great guest experience, so I overengineered the event. I designed a quiz and a bingo game for the 20+ friends from different countries. To my surprise, my plans went down the drain because everyone simply started having fun and it went on and on for 5 hours 🚀

I even invited Konrad and Orest (CTO) to join for user research purposes – they dropped this plan as well and enjoyed the party! 

This is just a part of my lockdown b-day party, May 2020.

I absolutely loved the product and enjoyed the social buzz once again. And as a tech enthusiast I stayed in touch with the Knit guys and helped where I could. Konrad and Orest being really cool also weighed in.

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One random day in November, I was scrolling through my inbox and recognised a familiar sender. Konrad sent out an email to everyone who’s ever used Knit. I thought it’d be nice of me to increase his open & reply rate, so I got back to him.

Konrad also asked for some tips & tricks for B2B sales strategy – that’s our email exchange from back then. 

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Might be worth mentioning that events are a huge part of my life. As a student, I used to go to a lot of conferences – the largest of which is the Web Summit – and also organise them as part of my extracurricular activities. When I started working, I had to attend and present at 10s of conferences per year, both in the UK and abroad. Over half of the business came through events, so it’s a space very close to my heart.

Back to the story – after covering Knit’s progress, go-to-market strategies, some demo & sales best practices, Konrad asked me if I’d be keen to join them and help with all of the above. That was a big plot twist for me. I also think he didn’t quite have this in mind when we started the conversation. The rest shall be history.

Looking back at all the random dots that were connected throughout this journey, I’ll leave you with some final thoughts:

Opportunities come in the least expected ways. You just have to put yourself out there and add value to any relationship that you enter. And more importantly, it is very much possible to make meaningful connections, have fun and create opportunities at online events!


See you on Knit!


Head of Growth at Knit – Your Virtual Meeting Place